The following people played a key role in the development of this museum with their work and advice:

Mike Rector
Building Renovation/Contractor
Jefferson, Ga.

Rick Hawkins
Equipment Renovation
Athens, Ga.

Greg Carpenter
Letterpress Printer
Chickamauga, Ga.

Mack Garrison
Former Owner of 
building and equipment
Homer, Ga.

Bobby Blackwell
Banks County Historian
Homer, Ga. 

Brian Lawler
Associate Professor
Graphic Communications Dept.
Callifornia Polytechnic State University
Campbell Press advisor

John Berryman
Former owner of the Hoe hand press

Bob Oldham
Hand press expert

And employees of Mainstreet Newspapers:
Larry Norman
Marty Buffington
Blair Buffington
Clark Buffington
Trevor Castellaw 

And many others who had a part in the development of this museum.